Main functions
Calculation of vegetation indices and other indices

To calculated indices use «Add index image» of the «Iindexes» main menu. You can also select an index from the predefined list.

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Each spectrum has a separate window

Spectrum window displays current spectrum. The window displays the current ROI name, number of its pixels, average spectrum, and its STD.

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Histograms and masks

The «Histogrm» window is used for displaying of the histogram for the entire image of the ROI(s) selected. Index watershed displays on two different images.

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Standart data is already in the program

For a selected set of reflection spectrum of biological substances it is possible to construct a heat map of its contribution to the reflection spectrum of the obj under study.

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Spectrum analysis

The window «Spectral analysis” is designed for displaying of the spectra corresponding to the ROIs selected in the «ROIs» window. Clicking on a spectrum highlights the whole spectrum with bold line and color.

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Channel-by-channel processing

An excellent module for working with a set of spectral channels. Save channel list, uninterrupted way to watch channels. Creating an index from a spectral channel.

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System and installation
  • The program requires a 64 bit operating system Windows 10 or later or a 64 bit operating system Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS
  • The volume of the hard disk must meet your needs, RAM is at least 8 GB
  • A mouse with a control wheel
  • To get acquainted with the work of the program, it is advisable to download a test data set from the program's website
Installation Windows
  • To install the program on the Windows 10 operating system, run the installation file Gelion-windows-x64-1.0-beta-ru.exe and follow the instructions of the program.
Installation Ubuntu
  • To install the program in the Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS operating system, unzip the Gelion-Ubuntu archive file-20-04- LTS-x64-1.0-beta-ru.tar.gz to any directory (the name of the directory must be in Latin letters and without spaces)
  • Change the access rights ... $ chmod +x „./Gelion“ … $ chmod +x /bin/January09
  • Execute the script … $ „./Gelion“
Gelion features
Images processing
  • Uploading images in various graphic formats ENVI *.hdr, *.jpg, *.png, *.tif (GeoTIFF)
  • Displaying, scaling and rotating the image in the main window of the program
  • Selection of areas of interest (point, rectangle, ellipse, polyline, polygon)
  • Displaying spectral profiles of areas of interest in separate windows
  • Calculate index by the formula
  • Calculation of histograms of spectral indices for an image,
  • as well as for an arbitrary number of regions of interest
  • Calculation of predefined or user-defined spectral indices
  • Calculation of histograms of spectral indices both for the image as a whole and for an arbitrary number of regions of interest
Image masks
  • Building an image mask based on an index clipped by thresholds
  • Creating an image mask from regions of interest and regions of interest from an image mask
  • Saving the resulting mask images
  • Performing logical operations with various mask images while saving the result of the operation
Saving results
  • Saving results in *.jpg, *.png, *.pdf, EXCEL *.csv formats
  • Storing a list of previously loaded images, previously calculated indices
  • Start from the place of the last operation
  • Saving and loading regions of interest, spectral mask and index images, index cutoff values by threshold
Friendly interface
  • Widely used system of context menus, tooltips "Tooltip"
  • The keyboard modification mode is used when pressing the "Shift", "Ctrl", "Alt" keys
  • Friendly interface in the motto "always at hand"